About Us

TAROM Virtual is a virtual airline based on TAROM, the Romanian national airline. Our pilots operate a range of aircraft on various routes in Europe and on popular holiday locations. Join our friendly community and experience flying for a virtual airline from your device.

Why Join Us

TAROM Virtual is a virtual airline community that provides pilots with a diverse range of routes and a state-of-the-art virtual airline management system. The community is supportive, and experienced staff and mentors are available to help pilots achieve their goals. Join TAROM Virtual to experience the thrill of virtual flying and connect with like-minded aviation enthusiasts.

Our Rank Structure

Image Description

First Officer
0 Hour

What do I unlock?
Unlocks all routes for Dash Q8-400 and Airbus A318.

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20 Hours

What do I unlock?
Unlocks all routes in database, Boeing 737-700/-800, and short/medium haul codeshare routes.

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100 Hours

What do I unlock?
Unlocks long haul codeshare routes and the Charter routes

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Senior Captain
400 Hours

What do I unlock?
Unlocks enabling creation of 2 charter routes, throughout Europe (fleet aircraft only).

Our Staff Team


Chief Executive Officer

YT_Sniegutizzz manages the whole of VA, makes the important decisions.


Chief Operating Officer

pog_3r helps the CEO to manage the whole VA and to make important decisions.


Chief Communications Officer

If.EnglandYT is responsible for event management and overall Discord activities.